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Cause Code
Cataract Eye Operation (Single Eye) £30.00
Cataract Eye Operation (Both Eyes)£50.00
Water Well Pakistan (£280)
Water Well In Gaza(£100.00)


Evidence shows that providing all children with quality basic education could boost annual economic growth of a country. Read More


The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that about 805 million people of the 7.3 billion people in the world. Read More


GHRF are funding a medical community centre in Lahore in the village of Bedia which has a population of between 10,000. Read More


Severe water shortages will affect more than half the world’s future population of nine billion people by 2050 if governments fail. Read More

Sometimes it takes a natural disaster to reveal a social disaster!

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  • Medical & Health

    Malnourished Project in Gaza GHRF are working with organisations in supporting Malnourished Children in Gaza. This program targets families in Gaza and includes...

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  • Poverty Relief

    16.5 million people don’t have access to water in Kenya 30.4 Million don’t have adequate access to sanitation in Kenya 100,000 children die every year from diarrhea...

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We are looking for #volunteers to work for us looking after GHRF #socialmedia account and website as well as fundr…
02-01-2018 17:29:40
GHRF water project in #Gaza. Thank you to all who donated towards this project
01-12-2017 20:07:58
RT @mendcommunity: Why has our government sold more than half a million pounds worth of weapons to Myanmar over the past three years? #Ris
11-09-2017 16:15:20
GHRF will be doing #Qurbani in #Gaza this year. for more details visit our website
26-07-2017 13:45:38
Largest ever stock of #cholera vaccine headed for #Yemen: (@irinnews)
27-06-2017 18:06:40
27-06-2017 18:03:45
27-06-2017 17:59:44
#Turkey expels #Syrians working for Danish NGO : (@irinnews)
27-06-2017 17:59:04
One year on, World Humanitarian Summit scorecards are due: (@irinnews)
27-06-2017 17:58:20
Cities at war, Syrian polio, and South Sudan crisis deepens: The Cheat Sheet: (@irinnews)
27-06-2017 17:58:01
Disturbing civilian death trends in #Iraq-#Syria air war: A researcher’s view: (@irinnews)
27-06-2017 17:57:12
Disposable #Africans#migration and its consequences: (@irinnews)
27-06-2017 17:56:24
#US #refugee resettlement system reels from Trump ban: (@irinnews)
27-06-2017 17:54:54
Farming becomes the new frontline in #Boko Haram war: (@irinnews)
27-06-2017 17:54:13
@ghrf_charity Our #Ramadan food project in #Gaza #Palestine 2017. Thanks to all who contributed.
22-06-2017 13:23:48
@ghrf_charity #Ramadan2017 #Food project in #Gaza #Palestine. Thank you to all those who donated towards this proje…
08-06-2017 16:35:43
RT @mendcommunity: Let @LBC know that you won't stand for Katie Hopkins' racism & bigotry any longer #SackHopkinsNow
25-05-2017 15:10:44
Ramadan Food Distribution this Friday in #Pakistan by @ghrf_charity .
25-05-2017 15:08:40
Looking for #volunteer in the #croydon area with #Socialmedia skills to help GHRF with its social media platforms. contact @ghrf_charity
23-05-2017 16:49:39
#SouthSudanese #refugees struggling to survive in #Uganda’s cities: (@irinnews)
26-04-2017 18:28:28
Les #réfugiés #sudsoudanais luttent pour leur survie dans les villes ougandaises: (@irinnews)
26-04-2017 18:28:01
#Jordan looks to turn #refugee crisis into economic boon: (@irinnews)
26-04-2017 18:26:53
Local aid agencies: still waiting for a bigger share of the funding cake: (@irinnews)
26-04-2017 18:26:06
#Famine in #Somalia: Twice in six years?: (@irinnews)
26-04-2017 18:25:30
هل تتكرر المجاعة في الصومال مرتين خلال ست سنوات؟ : (@irinnews)
26-04-2017 18:25:14
#Pakistan investigating NGOs accused of promoting blasphemy and pornography: (@irinnews)
26-04-2017 18:24:47
Déplacées et négligées, les #victimes de la sécheresse en #Éthiopie sont désespérées: (@irinnews)
26-04-2017 18:23:26
Pushed out of #Pakistan into war-torn #Afghanistan, refugees are told to be ‘patient’: (@irinnews)
26-04-2017 18:22:44
السلطات تقول للاجئين الذين أجبروا على العودة من باكستان إلى أفغانستان: اصبروا: (@irinnews)
26-04-2017 18:22:18
#Syria: Return of the red line: (@irinnews)
26-04-2017 18:18:55
11-04-2017 18:28:54
#Gaza pay cuts deepen rift between PA and Hamas @AJEnglish
11-04-2017 18:27:16
11-04-2017 18:25:12
Fire ravages #migrant camp in #France, several wounded in fight.
11-04-2017 18:21:10
#SouthSudan imposes curfew across Wau state after killings.
11-04-2017 18:20:09
Risk of mass starvation rising rapidly in #Africa, #Yemen - #U.N..
11-04-2017 18:18:49
Babies starve as war grinds on in #Mosul.
11-04-2017 18:11:17
@ghrf_charity are funding a deep bore water well in aid of #EastAfricanFamine Looking to raise £5000.To donate visit
10-04-2017 14:05:39
@ghrf_charity are collecting funds for food packs for #EastAfricanfamine. to donate visit
10-04-2017 14:01:59
occupied #Palestinian Hamas reverse restrictions on access to Erez; a sharp drop in permits for businesspeople
10-04-2017 12:57:22
#Kenya: #Chinese community donate 144 tonnes of food aid to Kenya's #drought victims | Humanitarian News
10-04-2017 12:55:00
#Japan Supports UN Humanitarian Air Service In #Sudan | Humanitarian News
10-04-2017 12:54:18
#SouthSudan: Feed the starving? Guns are the true cause of hunger and famine | Humanitarian News
10-04-2017 12:52:56
#Brexit : quelles conséquences pour les #réfugiés ? : (@irinnews)
10-04-2017 12:51:10
What does #Brexit mean for #refugees?: (@irinnews)
10-04-2017 12:50:49
ماذا يعني خروج بريطانيا من الاتحاد الأوروبي بالنسبة للاجئين؟: (@irinnews)
10-04-2017 12:50:29
Les plus gros bailleurs de fonds de 2016: (@irinnews)
10-04-2017 12:46:18
أكبر الجهات المانحة في عام 2016: (@irinnews)
10-04-2017 12:45:55
The biggest donors of 2016: (@irinnews)
10-04-2017 12:45:28
Le #SoudanduSud peine à satisfaire la demande en éducation: (@irinnews)
10-04-2017 12:44:51
Combats pour le contrôle du pétrole #libyen et pour la conquête de Tripoli: (@irinnews)
10-04-2017 12:42:37
هل تتكرر المجاعة في الصومال مرتين خلال ست سنوات؟ : (@irinnews)
10-04-2017 12:41:51
UN peacekeeping, African debt, and a referendum in Turkey: The Cheat Sheet: (@irinnews)
10-04-2017 12:41:18
#SouthSudan needs peace as much as food: (@irinnews)
10-04-2017 12:40:44
We are not the world: Inside the “perfect storm” of #famine: (@irinnews)
10-04-2017 12:40:11
UPDATED: Mapped - a world at war: (@irinnews)
10-04-2017 12:39:18
الأمم المتحدة تجري تحقيقاً في انتهاكات بحق الروهينجا، وميانمار تقول أنها لن تتعاون: (@irinnews)
10-04-2017 12:38:35
@ghrf_charity at collecting donations for East African famine appeal. visit
10-04-2017 12:37:43
Milestone for @ghrf_charity this month in reaching 1000 cataract eye operations with our partners in #Pakistan
10-04-2017 12:36:18
Ten humanitarian stories to look out for in 2017: (@irinnews)
10-04-2017 12:34:04
عشر قصص إنسانية ينبغي ترقبها في عام 2017: (@irinnews)
10-04-2017 12:33:48
Preserving #Yemen's lifeline, tracking illicit arms flows, and how to fix the refugee system: (@irinnews)
10-04-2017 12:33:12
#Colombia, #Peru disasters show growing risk from ‘coastal El Niño’: (@irinnews)
10-04-2017 12:32:17
Can $10 billion and political reforms bring peace to #Pakistan’s restive frontier?: (@irinnews)
10-04-2017 12:31:30
RT @miqdaad: The Sun is forced to retract its bogus claim that fasting in Ramadan was the reason for a train crash after my complaint to Ip…
20-11-2016 19:52:10
@ghrf_charity donated computers in rural #schools in #india. Two schools benefited from this project
21-09-2016 18:50:05
#Polio to be wiped out globally this year: #WHO:
26-08-2016 17:38:51
منظمة الصحة العالمية: سيتم القضاء على شلل الأطفال على مستوى العالم هذا العام: (@irinnews)
26-08-2016 17:38:10
Top Picks: A bombing in #Balochistan, South Sudan's rape victims, and Gaza's unfulfilled promises:
26-08-2016 17:36:38
Should the #UN surrender over peacekeeping?: #SouthSudan (@irinnews)
26-08-2016 17:34:29
هل ينبغي أن تتنازل الأمم المتحدة عن عمليات حفظ السلام؟: (@irinnews)
26-08-2016 17:33:49
كيف ينبغي أن تحمي المنظمات الإنسانية موظفيها من الاعتداء الجنسي؟: (@irinnews)
26-08-2016 17:33:24
Protéger le personnel humanitaire contre les violences #sexuelles: (@irinnews)
26-08-2016 17:33:02
How #aid agencies should protect their staff from #sexualabuse: (@irinnews)
26-08-2016 17:32:27
World Vision "humanitarian hero" accused of funnelling millions to #Hamas: (@irinnews)
26-08-2016 17:31:06
"بطل العمل الإنساني" في منظمة وورلد فيجن متهم بتحويل ملايين الدولارات إلى حماس: (@irinnews)
26-08-2016 17:30:28
Rumours and lies: 'The #refugee crisis is an information crisis' via @sharethis
26-08-2016 14:34:47
#Libya: #Syrian baby, 5-year-old dead in migrant boat capsize via @sharethis
26-08-2016 14:33:56
#Greece: Europe Refugees & Migrants Flows Through Western Balkans Route: via @sharethis
26-08-2016 14:33:19
#Italy: Save the Children Launches Search-and-Rescue Ship in Deadly Mediterranean via @sharethis
26-08-2016 14:31:59
#Greece: #UNHCR chief says Greece needs #EU help to manage its refugee crisis via @sharethis
26-08-2016 14:31:24
#Bulgaria: Humiliated, ill-treated and without protection. #Refugees and asylum seekers in Bulgaria via @sharethis
26-08-2016 14:30:44
#Libya: #MSF migrant rescue boat off Libya attacked by armed men via @sharethis
26-08-2016 14:30:04
#Mozambique: #Drought - Office of the Resident Coordinator, Situation via @sharethis
26-08-2016 14:29:15
Strengthening livelihoods: WFP helps rice #farmers realize their potential via @sharethis
26-08-2016 14:27:57
#qurbani Are you still looking to do one. visit
26-08-2016 13:46:57
Sad to see a beautiful part of #Italy in such a state.All our thoughts @ghrf are with victims of this tragical event
26-08-2016 13:45:33
RT @melindagates: A moving letter from an incredible mother-daughter team about why we must end HIV for #GirlsEverywhere @ONECampaign https…
16-08-2016 17:29:19
RT @melindagates: One of the best ways to give babies a healthy start via @UNICEF
16-08-2016 17:28:35
RT @melindagates: This #Olympics, more Middle Eastern women will have a chance to pursue their dreams
16-08-2016 17:27:57
RT @melindagates: Ninety percent of venture capitalists are men—who have some billion-dollar blind spots via @WIRED
16-08-2016 17:27:42
@ghrf_charity donors making it possible.#charity #aid #givingback
16-08-2016 16:30:51
وكالات المعونة تقيّم المخاطر في جوبا : (@irinnews)
16-08-2016 16:26:46
Aid agencies weigh risks in #Juba: (@irinnews)
16-08-2016 16:26:24
#SouthSudan refugee influx overwhelms Ugandan reception centres: (@irinnews)
16-08-2016 16:25:32
السوريون كبش فداء سهل في لبنان: (@irinnews)
16-08-2016 16:22:59
#Syrians make easy scapegoats in #Lebanon: (@irinnews)
16-08-2016 16:22:18
"بطل العمل الإنساني" في منظمة وورلد فيجن متهم بتحويل ملايين الدولارات إلى حماس: (@irinnews)
16-08-2016 16:20:58
World Vision "humanitarian hero" accused of funnelling millions to Hamas: (@irinnews)
16-08-2016 16:20:26



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